Outdoor Journal Tour Unveils Nature Meditations Journal by Kenya Jackson-Saulters, MS

Outdoor Journal Tour Unveils Nature Meditations Journal by Kenya Jackson-Saulters, MS

Atlanta, GA – February 1, 2024 Outdoor Journal Tour, Atlanta-based pioneers in promoting mindfulness and self-discovery through outdoor experiences, is excited to announce the release of the Nature Meditations Journal by Kenya Jackson-Saulters, MS. This transformative guide, scheduled for shipping on February 20, 2024, promises to connect individuals with the natural world for enhanced peace, calm, and clarity.

About the Nature Meditations Journal: This 144-page journal is the newest addition to the Nature Meditations Series. It unfolds a journey through simple mindfulness practices, reflection prompts, and guided activities organized into four sections:

  1. Nature Meditations
  2. Walking Thoughts
  3. Messages from the Earth
  4. Strengthening Affirmations

Designed for both novices and seasoned practitioners, the Nature Meditations Journal makes the benefits of nature accessible, whether you’re in your backyard, local park, or deep in the woods.

Perfect for:

  • Nature enthusiasts and those seeking gifts for nature lovers
  • Individuals exploring accessible mindfulness and therapeutic practices
  • Mind/body/spirit practitioners
  • Fans of self-care books and tools like Calm the Chaos Journal, Mindfulness Cards, Forest Bathing, and She Explores

Additional Information:

Mindfulness Made Easy: The journal’s interactive format simplifies mindfulness practices, offering easy-to-follow prompts and activities suitable for those curious about self-care practices like forest bathing and meditation.

Great Wellness Gift: Presented in a beautifully illustrated, nature-inspired package, the Nature Meditations Journal is an ideal gift for nature lovers, meditators, and anyone seeking more joy and peace in everyday life.

Nature at Your Fingertips: The journal facilitates easy engagement with the natural world through bite-sized meditations and visualizations, whether in a backyard, local park, or deep in the forest.

Valuable Content in an Affordable Package: Scientifically proven to help release stress and calm anxiety, this all-levels journal provides valuable practices in an accessible format, bringing balance, focus, and calm to everyday life.

Embrace the transformative power of nature in your daily life! Pre-order the Nature Meditations Journal now and embark on a journey of mindfulness and self-discovery. Visit our website or your favorite bookstore to secure your copy and experience the peace, calm, and clarity that nature can bring to your fingertips.

Media Contact: Ashley Blue, Operations & Marketing Manager, media@outdoorjournaltour.com

About Outdoor Journal Tour: Outdoor Journal Tour is an Atlanta-based organization dedicated to promoting mindfulness, wellness, and self-discovery through outdoor experiences and guided journaling. With a passion for nature and holistic well-being, Outdoor Journal Tour strives to connect individuals with the healing power of the outdoors.