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Our mission is to encourage women all over the world to tap into the healing and empowering influences within ourselves, our communities and the Great Outdoors.



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Between 2021 – 2022 this community logged over 160,000 mindful minutes and received over $5,500 in giveaway prizes!

Mindful Minutes tracked:


We are expanding our Mindful Minutes Program to a membership based program! This new program will give you access to  giveaways, free and discounted events, community forums, brand discounts, exclusive events and more! Stay tuned!

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Women’s History Month Feature || Amber Glassman, Bryan Anthonys

Women’s History Month Feature || Amber Glassman, Bryan Anthonys

Kenya Jackson-Saulters Partners, Uncategorized

In 2015, Amber and Edward Glassman quit their full-time jobs and moved to Austin, Texas to chase the dream of creating an […]

Joy of Missing Out

Joy of Missing Out

Marilyn Mizenko Reflection, Self-Care

Y’all I am so sorry I have been MIA for literally MONTHS. Well, really, I’m only partially sorry. I’ve been partially in […]

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