Nature Meditations

Nature Meditations Deck

New Project release by Outdoor Journal Tour Founder, Kenya Jackson-Saulters AVAILABLE NOW!

Just in time for the holiday season! This deck is a great gift or stocking stuffer for nature lovers, meditators, and anyone who wants to experience more joy and peace in everyday life.


About The Nature Meditations Deck

The Missing Piece to Your Outdoor Experience

This nature-inspired deck makes it easy for users to tap into the restorative powers of nature. Each card features a bite-size meditation or visualization practice, designed to help people connect to the therapeutic benefits of the natural world. By simply pulling a card, users can create a moment of calm and clarity in their day, whether you’re sitting beneath a tree in the backyard, strolling through a local park, or gazing out your window, Nature Meditations Deck will be there to guide you.

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