Nonprofit encourages community wellness through 2-week virtual hiking challenge

Nonprofit encourages community wellness through 2-week virtual hiking challenge

November 17, 2023

ATLANTA – We Hike to Heal, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting mental health through outdoor exploration, is hosting a virtual Community Hike-a-Thon from November 20 to November 30.

The hike-a-thon aims to foster community, boost wellbeing, and raise critical funds to support We Hike to Heal’s mission to build an inclusive community that normalizes self-care, healing and adventure for women in the outdoors.

Funds raised will expand We Hike to Heal’s Ambassador program, which trains women hike leaders to inspire their communities.

“Our Ambassadors further our mission of normalizing the outdoors as a place for women’s self-care,” said Michelle, Executive Director. “We’re rallying the community this Giving Tuesday to invest in more female leaders who can empower women to experience nature’s mental health benefits.”

According to the American Psychological Association, 70% of adults in the U.S. reported experiencing stress that had a significant impact on their physical and mental healthwith women bearing the brunt of this number.

  • It’s been proven that time outdoors can reduce stress or symptoms of depression.
  • Studies have also shown that individuals with social support reported lower levels of stress and better mental well-being.

“Our goal is to encourage people to spend time outdoors while also building meaningful connections with others,” said Michelle, “Hiking has incredible power to reduce stress and improve mood. When we hike with others, these benefits are amplified.”

Participants can join existing local Hike Teams or form new teams with friends and family. They will set outdoor activity and fundraising goals to complete over the 2-week period. Hikes can be completed individually or as part of organized group hikes. Other outdoor activities will also be counted towards their goals. The flexibility allows people of all abilities to take part.

“With the community’s help, we can make the outdoors more accessible as a mode of wellness and for healing,” said Michelle. “Together, we can empower women to embrace the outdoors as part of their self-care.”

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About We Hike to Heal

We Hike to Heal, Inc is a 501c3 nonprofit formed in July 2022 following the success of Outdoor Journal Tour’s Flagship event by the same name #WeHIketoheal. Their mission is to build an inclusive community that normalizes self-care, creates a sacred space for healing and adventure, and prioritizes the mental and emotional wellbeing of all women. Over the years, they have recognized that outdoor adventures create physical challenges, that have the ability to breakdown mental and emotional barriers, which creates opportunities for deep healing. We Hike to Heal, Inc believes that equal access to outdoor spaces is important to the health of women, and more specifically BIPOC women. In their experience some of the greatest barriers BIPOC women face in accessing outdoor spaces are trust, safety, and lack of diversity. Their goal is to continue to create safe and equitable spaces outdoors for all women to enjoy.