Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

We are so excited to announce that bringing back our ambassador program! Buuuuut not in the traditional way. The Outdoor Journal Tour is a huge community with so many different women. We want to be sure that we are supporting you in all the many ways you need it. We are women everywhere, right?! Because of that, our new ambassador program won’t be place-specific, it will be subject matter-specific. What that means is, we don’t care where you live! We are about who you are and how who you are can support others be more of who they are.

Our plan is to bring on at least 5 ambassadors to help support this community as we grow.

We are looking for subject matter experts in each of the following areas:

    • Outdoor Activity: The truth is, outdoor activity is not limited to hiking! There are so many other ways to be active outdoors. Our outdoor activity ambassador will be the consummate adventurer. Someone who accesses outdoor spaces in a variety of ways and is excited to share their journey with others.
    • Mindful Movement: Movement is a huge part of our community. We believe in loving, accepting, and challenging our bodies and being grateful for all that our bodies can do. As such, we are looking for a mindful movement ambassador who can help support communities’ mindful movement efforts. We are specifically looking for certified yoga instructors, dance teachers, stretch/Pilates instructors, etc.
    • Mindfulness/Meditation: This person will be skilled and have experience in mindfulness practices-like meditation and breathwork. They will also need to be comfortable instructing others.
    • Gear and Gadgets: Are you someone who always knows the best hiking shoe for a particular terrain? Or maybe you always have the best day back or water bottle? If this sounds like you, you could be perfect for our gear and gadgets ambassador. We are looking for someone who is up on all the new trends in the outdoor industry.
    • Women’s Mental Health: The mental health ambassador will be skilled in one or more wellness disciplines (psychology, psychiatry, mental health counseling, etc.). We a looking for someone who has professional experience in this area and both ready and willing to help support the mental health journey of this community.