You Always Feel Better When

You Always Feel Better When


Things can get better surprisingly quickly. This reflective guided journal is a place to get a little calmer, more energized, more at home in your body, more fully alive. It’s a place to remember that feeling better is possible in all kinds of ways. And it’s a place to do something small that can change your whole day.

Inside you’ll find short, bite-sized exercises perfect for inviting a sense of calm, building daily habits, and creating a self-care routine. From taking a moment to relive a favorite memory to writing down a new intention to creating a list of fascinations, each approachable prompt is a chance to settle into yourself and help make the next few minutes be exactly what you need.

Simple yet thoughtful activities help you boost your mood in minutes, such as:

It just feels good when your physical and digital spaces are a little less cluttered. Offer yourself one of the following quick resets…

  • File five emails
  • Sort, shelve, or put five things away
  • Clean a surface (sink, stovetop, microwave) for five minutes
  • Take five minutes for a self-care task (combing your hair, brushing and flossing your teeth)
  • Take five minutes to begin a larger job (putting in a load of laundry, starting the dishwasher)

Written by: M.H. Clark 

Designed by: Cheryl Cochran and Randall Slaughter

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  • This book is perfect for anyone looking to build a self-care routine or simply searching for a shift in perspective.
  • Compact and convenient, the activity book can be tucked in your bag or purse so you can pull it out whenever you need.
  • The energizing physical, mental, and socioemotional activities take only a few minutes to complete, but the effects will last all day.
FORMAT: Hardcover
SIZE: 8″W x 6″H
PAGE COUNT: 96 pages

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