Mindful Minutes Tracked So Far!

Our Goal is for this Community to Reach 100,000 Mindful Minutes by the end of 2021


How it Works:

#mymindfulmintues Monthly Challenge is an extension of the #wehiketoheal culture into a year-long experience, created to encourage us all to practice more mindfulness in our everyday lives. Whether you only have 5 minutes, or 3 hours, give yourself a moment of pause everyday. Similar to a virtual “race”, we ask that you log your Mindful Minutes daily on this tracker so that we can celebrate you and continue to encourage this community to tap into the collective healing effort.

It’s simple, just select your activity from the drop down menu and enter the total number of minutes and watch the number on the ticker go up!

Mindful Minutes = “Mindful Miles” and “Mindful Moments”

Add Your Time Here:

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How are you finding mindfulness today?

Mindful Miles

can be anything in which you mindfully go a physical distance from one point to another, such as, hiking, biking, running, skiing, walking, swimming, climbing, etc – keep track of the time that you are practicing your mindful activity so you can log it later.

Mindful Moments

can be anything in which you intentionally practice mindfulness, such as, meditation, journaling, yoga, dance, gardening, sewing, taking a bath, hammocking, relaxing, etc., again, keep track of how long you practice your mindful activity so that you can log your time on the tracker.