Meet Alexis!

Alexis Adams:

I am a women’s integrative and holistic health guide specializing in hormonal balancing and gut issues. I believe in root cause, supportive healing for all women. I have a Master’s in Exercise Physiology, a certification in Plant Based nutrition, a women’s health coaching certification, and several specialized courses in a variety of women’s health areas. I also dive deep into mindfulness practices such as yoga, meditation, breath work, energy work, and somatic experiencing.

Alexis is leading the following workshop(s):

Maintaining Healthy Boundaries
Self-Love Movement Circle

Meet Ashley!

Ashley Blue:

For as long as I can remember, spending time in mother nature has always been my safe space. It wasn’t until becoming a mother myself that I unlocked a new level of exploration outdoors. Motherhood opened a door to reconnect with my inner child in the most loving and nurturing way. I now seek to help other women dare to look back and dig deep to reconnect with their inner child to re-discover their joy and freedom while spending time in nature!

Ashley is leading the following workshop(s):

Hiking to Heal

Meet Ashley!

Ashley Clarkin:

Ashley Clarkin is the Program Manager at REI – she has been working with the ODJT and WH2H team since 2016! She’s a lover of the outdoors and a SUP pro (and an AMAZING) artist!





Ashley is leading the following workshop(s):

Intro to SUP
Free Paddle
Sunrise Paddle Tour

Meet Dayna!

Dayna Mott:

My name is Dayna “Oilyhairboss.” I am a wellness educator and marketing strategist. I facilitate workshops to release negative emotions and deep-seated trauma. I am also an author and speaker. I am passionate about creating safe spaces and using effective tools to create impactful experiences.





Dayna is leading the following workshop:

Disrupting my DNA

Meet Deva!

Deva Jebb-Albaba:

Deva is returning for her 2nd year as Camp Director for #WH2H. She’s an adventurer, creative problem-solver, designer, and mom of 3 global citizens. Her current journey involves repairing her feminine side after 15+ years in the male world of archaeology, exponentially growing her heartspace and reprogramming habits gained while growing up in an unsafe, alcoholic home. She strives every day to connect more with Self, Others, and Source (the S.O.S. of our times), in order to be balanced in every way. Learn more about her and how we can globally up-level in the community at Edgeventures.co

Deva is leading the following workshop(s):

Night Walk & Meditation to Rocky Escape
Adventure Planning

Meet Dominique!

Dominique Cowling:

Dominique (she, her) is a Black Queer femme and Bay Area native dedicated to transforming trauma and violence into opportunities of freedom. For the past decade, she has been honored to learn & share liberatory tools for healing. Her former work as the Healing Justice Program Director at Community United Against Violence supported queer and Trans survivors of intimate partner violence. She provided peer counseling, seasonal healing programs, mentorship and community trainings.

Dominique is leading the following workshop:

Nourishing Seeds of Intimacy

Meet J!

J. Greathouse:

As a Black Queer Woman, Jay highly values and creates space for how various identities and communities impact our unique healing journey. Her specialty areas of focus include working with BIPOC, LGBTQ+, spiritually inclined HSP/Empaths. She is a Metaphysical Practitioner + Quantum Healing guide that happens to be a licensed psychotherapist.




J is leading the following workshop:

The Art of Intentional Living

Meet Kenya!

Kenya Jackson-Saulters:

Master workshop facilitator, Kenya Jackson-Saulters, MS, is a five-time published self-help author, certified spiritual coach, and reiki master.  In 2015, Kenya along with partner Michelle, blended the health benefits of exercise, meditation, and writing to form a custom personal development experience for women called The Outdoor Journal Tour. Soon after, Kenya created the outdoor wellness phenomenon #wehiketoheal, and authored the best-selling Nature Meditations Deck.

Kenya is leading the following workshop:

Our Healing Nature

Meet Michelle!

Michelle Jackson-Saulters:

Michelle Jackson-Saulters is the Co-founders of Outdoor Journal Tour and Executive Director of their new non-profit, We Hike to Heal, Inc. Since the inception of The Outdoor Journal Tour in 2015, Michelle has traveled all over the country, alongside co-founder and wife Kenya, empowering women through mindfulness and the great outdoors.  Professionally, Michelle is a bilingual Sales & Service Director for an airline catering company.

Michelle is leading the following workshop(s):

Hammocking 101
Adventure Planning

Meet Misty!

Misty Caples:

Misty Caples is a nature lover and certified yoga instructor and Reiki Master. You and find her teaching yoga at our monthly mid-week yoga sessions with Atlanta Ambassador Sharon Carpenter.





Misty is leading the following workshop(s):

Afternoon Stretch
Post Lunch Stretch

Meet Patsy!

Patsy Rausch:

Patsy Rausch is an art teacher at Kincaid Elementary in Cobb County. In 2016, she instituted an innovative, district-wide *STEAM-Integrated Portable Papermaking Studio. The studio is one of the National Collaborators of Peace Paper Project and is the only portable paper studio in the state of Georgia.  Her work, both in papermaking and photography, have been included in “Art of the Art Teacher” at the Mableton Arts Center, The Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art, and M2R Fence Art Gallery.

Patsy is leading the following workshop(s):

Fabrics of Friction & Threads of Truth
Paper Arts

Meet Sharon!

Sharon Carpenter:

Sharon is our #wehiketoheal Ambassador for Atlanta and Hike Lead for the entire network. She’s a lover of the outdoors, Air Force vet, Mom, World traveler, Fibromyalgia warrior, and Trauma Healing Yoga certified bad ass woman living her best life and sharing her journey along the way.



Sharon is leading the following workshop(s):

Building Your Trauma Coping Toolbox
Hiking to Heal

Meet Sonya!

Sonya Staples:

Sonya Staples is an outdoor-loving, camp/glamp expert and co-founder of Staples in Tents and The Gathering, a weekend campout for the entire family to enjoy the outdoors.





Sonya is leading the following workshop(s):

Camping Essentials: Camp Setup
Camp Essentials: Camp Cooking
Camp Essentials: Gear

Meet Tammy!

Tammy Shakur:

Tammy Shakur, is a trail-runner, outdoor adventure leader, and all-around wandering woman. A long-time lover of nature, her passion for the outdoors and for trail running inspired her to want to encourage other women of color to get outside and connect with nature as well. She has been able to do just that through her meetup group Wander Women of GA and also as a group run lead for TrailMixed Collective.

Tammy is leading the following workshop:

Intro to Trail Running

Meet Taranda!

Taranda Wilson:

Taranda Reneé is a certified sound healing & meditation practitioner. She has been Chosen by Spirit to serve as a sound guide to help many beautiful souls dive into deep healing, rest, & relaxation.





Taranda is leading the following workshop:

Sunset Soundbath

Meet Brooke!

Brooke Spencer:

Brooke is our #wehiketoheal Ambassador from Philly and the Operations Manager for Nanodropper, a medical device startup that invented the Nanodropper Adaptor. Previously, Brooke was the Executive Director of Wellfit Girls, a nonprofit offering leadership, fitness, and empowerment programs to teen girls in Southwest Florida. Brooke is also a certified personal trainer, health and life coach, Wilderness First Responder, and has completed two 200-hour yoga teacher trainings.

Brooke is leading the following workshop(s):

Courageous Conversations
Be in the Feels

Meet Cherisa!

Cherisa Hawkins:

Cherisa Hawkins is an Outdoor Photographer and Adventurer who hopes to bring better representation to the outdoor community and our shared experiences in our outdoor spaces.






Cherisa is leading the following workshop:

Nature Photography