Happy 2019!

Can you believe all of 2018 went by and we didn't blog, not once??


True story, we share a lot on Instagram, so that is our blog of sorts, so if you aren't already following us there, please do!

Anyhow... 2018 was a whirlwind.

If you are a part of our mailing list you received our 2018 Reflections and 2019 Intentions worksheets via email at the end of the year. I created them for myself initially because I wanted to start this year off differently. I didn't want to just roll from one year into the next and not think about what I had learned, or what I want to do more of or less of. Anyhow, I completed both and I found a couple of patterns...

1. Connection - to new and old friends and myself

2. I found comfort in solitude

Full disclosure, I may have cried a little after completing my 2018 Reflections. I was INSPIRED! It's interesting how easy it is to remember the shitty times (probably because they leave a mark) but those joyful fleeting moments seem to be easily forgotten. We gotta figure out how to change that!

So, for 2019 I'm intending to live in the small moments and the big ones. Of course I have some other things on the list too like...

1. Feel beautiful

2. Feel accomplished

3. Feel Inspired

Anyhow, I'm glad I took the time to look back first and then look forward. It felt good and I'm excited for an amazing year!

What patterns did you find in your 2018 and what intentions are you setting for 2019??

P.S. Shoot me a note if you want these worksheets for yourself

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