Conquering Fears and SUP!

A couple weekends ago our awesome partners at #rei #sponsored a Learn to Stand Up Paddle board class for me via their #reioutdoorschool at Stone Mountain Park here in Atlanta. This was my first experience with SUP ever, so you can understand the nervousness!

So here's the truth, stand up paddle boarding is as hard as I thought it would be. But you know what, I proved to be stronger and more fearless than I thought as well. I was so scared of falling in and not being able to get back on my board. There is this scene that plays out in my head, where I’m the fat chic among all these skinny, fit girls struggling to get all these curves back on her board and not being able to. This experience was about so much more than paddle boarding. As silly as my fears were, they were real, and guess what? I fell in. And it was hard AF to get back on my board, mostly just because I got frustrated and felt insecure and had to talk myself down from the “woe-is-me” ledge. It turns out it wasn’t the end of the world and with a little bit of help from Jenni, one of the awesome @rei Outdoor School instructors I was back on my board in no time. Honestly it was a liberating experience to just surrender and give in to what Mother Nature was trying to teach me. Humble yourself, try the thing you are afraid of, ask for help when you need it and don’t limit yourself because of some unfounded false truths that keep you in a box. I left that lake feeling strong and empowered and eager to SUP again. These are the moments we look back on, the moments that shape us, the moments that allow us to trust ourselves, our bodies and the earth around us. These are the moments that we discover what we’re made of.

When's the last time you challenged yourself to do something you've never done before even though you were a little scared? We encourage you to get outside and try something new, go see what you're made of! #sponsored #rei #optoutside#forceofnature

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