Before we set out on our #wehiketoheal group hike in Atlanta this weekend we asked everyone to write down their superpower and what they were hiking to heal. As we began to make our way up the mountain something happened, we realized our collective superpowers had almost cancelled out our collective wounds. For every need to heal there was someone with a 'superpower' to offer. I know it sounds silly, but we all have something that we are amazingly good at and a trait or 10 that makes us the amazing women that we are. That's the superpower.

As we huffed and puffed up the mountain we encouraged each other, we talked about our lives and we opened our hearts to each other and Mother Nature. Worries were left at the bottom, confidence tank on full and nothing but love, giggles and inspiration at the summit.

I can't explain the energy in words, but it was absolutely beautiful. We are still vibing high ❤ So the question is, what is your superpower and how can you offer it to the women around you? Let's empower each other!

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