#wehiketoheal Empowering Women Everywhere

Big news! We are planning an epic Women’s Empowerment Outdoor Movement for March 2017 (Women’s history month!).

First things first, what is this epic event?

We are calling it “Women Everywhere Hike to Heal” or #wehiketoheal. For the month of March we will be highlighting different organizations that promote outdoor healing and community building, particularly amongst women. We will challenge our community to not only get outside, but also to think and talk about 4 topics that we will release each week. Then finally on Saturday, March 25th, 2017 we will have #wehiketoheal group hikes all over the world by enlisting friends and other outdoor organizations.

To be clear, just because this is a women’s empowerment event does not mean that it is restricted to only women! Supportive husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, colleagues and friends are welcome to join in on the fun!

Great, but why should I be involved?

Have you watched the news lately? There is a palatable tension in the air. Many demographics, including women have felt the weight of these stressors in addition to everyday life. And surely we are not the first to tell you how physically and emotionally damaging stress can be. It causes everything from heart disease to diabetes. Plus, those numbers have only been rising lately due to increased workplace stress and mounting societal pressure to synthesize personal goals with daily responsibilities. Everyone from Time Magazine to the Associated Press has been recommending that women engage in more mindfulness and self-care activities to reduce stress and regain balance. You know as much as we do that Mother Nature does not judge, her trails don’t discriminate, nor do they care about life’s details. She only offers inspiration, connection and healing. Which is exactly what we need in these crazy times to empower ourselves and the women around us.

Wellness doesn’t begin and end on the trails. We all need tools to fuel our self-care practice. Because of this #wehiketoheal will be providing each registered participant with free mindfulness tools to implement into their daily lives. These tools will include journaling prompts, mindful meditations and even a mindful movement webinar.

So what do you say? Are you in?

Visit the website to learn more!


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