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Michelle here… I wanted to share a quick note to remind everyone about the BGR! and REI virtual 5k/10k. You still have time to register! Registration closes tomorrow night. Head over to the BGR! page asap to get signed up.

So why register for a virtual race?

Before I get into that, I have to share my own BGR! story… I have been working out for most of my adult life, not an avid runner, but I had done a few 5k’s and had trotted around my neighbor from time to time. In 2011, I was driving to Atlantic Station here in Atlanta and I saw a huge swarm of women running across the 17th street bridge. I had never that many women, particularly women of color, running as a group. I was thinking, “Where are they going? Is there a race?" Nope, it was the famous BGR! Tuesday night group run! Needless to say, I joined the facebook group that night and started to run nearly every Tuesday evening with that same massive group of women. I loved the energy, the comradery and the inspiration… it was amazing! That was just the beginning. I went on to run numerous 5k’s and 10k’s, marathon relay’s and then finally ran my first half marathon in 2012. (If you have a few moments and want a laugh check out my mile-by-mile race day recap here that I posted on facebook back in 2012.)

Anyhow, I say all of this to say, our collaboration with BGR! is much more than just business – they are an amazing organization that has had a wonderful impact on my life and thousands of other women. We just love what they represent and bring to our community. So when we had the chance to partner with them we jumped on it immediately!

Now back to the running part…

I understand that everyone doesn’t want to run, be it medical issues or just distaste for running. But that is the beauty of BGR! and these virtual races…. You don’t have to run! You can walk… or even better, you can hike! The goal is just to move your body and log the miles… because you deserve it and exercise is the best remedy for just about everything.

So that’s it. That’s why you should go register… because BGR! is amazing and we love to hike with you!

For our lovely Atlanta ladies that register for the virtual race, we will be hosting a free 5K hike meetup so that we can get the miles in together. Again, this is 5k (3.1miles) Hike, we will not be running. Once you are registered with BGR! go over to our website and register for the meet up. We will be hiking one of our favorite trails in Atlanta, you don’t want to miss it!

For those that are not local, still register for the virtual race and find a beautiful trail near you to get your miles in and don’t forget to take lots of pictures and tag #outdoorjournaltour so we can be right there with you!

Hope to see you on the trails soon!

Hugs and smiles,


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