Are you forgetting something?

When people ask you, "where do you see yourself in 5 years?", What do you envision? I bet it’s a goal. Am I right? You envision yourself with a new career? Or maybe even a new business venture? Perhaps there is a new car or home involved? Maybe even a new romantic partner? Here’s my question though, do you ever actually see yourself in any of your future plans? Meaning, do you see your face, your body, your hands, your likeness anywhere in your goals? I am going to venture to say no. As a matter of fact, I bet you never actually put yourself in any of your dreams.

I’ll tell you why I say that.

Over the years, I have seen my share of vision boards, and I have literally never seen anyone put a picture of themselves on the board. Crazy huh? But it's not really that unusual. Many of us don’t actually see ourselves...changing. We see our circumstances changing, but we very rarely think about how we will have to change to suit those circumstances. We think we will always be the same person that is always and will always be a just a little to chubby, or awkward, or {insert other limiting belief that you have about yourself}. And even though we want certain things, we almost never see ourselves as worthy of them. It's almost as if there is a spiritual disconnect between who we think we are in the moment…and what we want for our futures. But don’t you want to BE the person living that wonderful life? If so, you have to stop leaving yourself out of your dreams.

Because, guess what? Wherever you go (or want to go), you will have to take yourself with you.

So really, when we think about what we want for ourselves, our true focus should be on becoming...not possessing. In truth, your vision for your life about getting from point A to point B…so much as it’s about becoming point B.

Now, becoming point B brings with it a whole other host of challenges and opportunities. Becoming "B", means that you have to get honest with who you think you are and what you actually think you can have. You will have to come face to face with your own perceived limitations--with your judgments on right and wrong, and even your idea of a higher power. And finally, you will have to start seeing your self as deserving and worthy of all that you want. If you don't imagine "Point B" you as being flawed, then you don't get to make "Point A" you flawed. Its the same you!! And this's you, is ENOUGH right now, in this moment. Make sense?

Journaling Prompt: Who do you see yourself as in 5 years?

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