Snap out of it! An end to Autopilot...

Have you ever been driving somewhere and found yourself going to a location that you commonly go to without even thinking? I know you have. We all have. We call that being on autopilot. It’s when your body and mind start leading you somewhere that you always go…even when that’s not where you intend to go in the moment. Well, what if I told you the same thing happens spiritually and emotionally? You see when we are used to responding a certain way to a certain stimulus, we begin to respond that way even when we don’t necessarily mean to. We do it because it’s a habit. Because its familiar and in that way…it feels safe. Now think about that as it relates to you “up leveling” your life. If you are always mindlessly doing what you have always done, how can you ever expect to see any change in your life? Beyond that, how hard it is to feel like you are lost and constantly searching for something if you always end up in places that are familiar even though they are not necessarily where you want to be. But here’s the thing, autopilot only occurs when you aren’t paying attention. When you are present…it’s kind of hard to get lost. And when you do get lost, you know it immediately.

So my question is…. are you paying attention to yourself? Are you paying attention to where you are going? Or are you letting your past lead? Now if these questions are uncomfortable…good. That means they hit a nerve and that’s the point. And that's exactly what so many of us need. To wake up and pay attention…and then to consciously get involved in the direction that our lives are going. Autopilot will not take you anywhere new. So today, I invite you to snap out of it, and take the wheel! I’ll be honest though, this isn’t the easiest thing to do and that’s why I took the time to record everything I did to regain control of my life.

Three years ago, I found myself in a serious autopilot scenario. I was so lost in my destructive routine that there was a part of me that couldn’t see a way out. But all it took, was for me to take a step back and pay attention to what I was thinking and what I actually wanted. Once I understood that, it was easier for me to see the patterns that were NOT leading me where I wanted to go. Over the past couple of years, my internal compass has lead me to so many wonderful spaces. Because of that, I decided to design a course that would help others do what I did. Reconnect. This course was built to help you remember who you are, what you want, AND where you want to go. In 28 days, we will cover 4 core issues that cause us to be on autopilot, then I will give you some practical tools to help you redirect your focus and energy when you find yourself lost or spiraling.

Our power is almost never taken. We give it away. If you are ready to get it back, enroll today.

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