“The ODJT has been an awesome experience for me! I have met some amazing women eager for growth in all aspects of their lives, willing to be vulnerable and seek for that change. We have laughed, cried, and loved!!! If you are in the Atlanta area and want to be a part of an experience that will literally change your life sign-up! You get hiking, journaling, meditating, and sisterhood."









"ODJT........One of the many reasons that this will continue to be a success is because of the way in which it is presented. Who's really comfortable sitting on a couch.. in an office...with their "issues" confined to four walls..a ceiling..and floor? I'm not. I want to be outdoors so I can truly release what worries me and have the feeling that it's no longer MY problem. Maybe it evaporates..I don't know. As long as its not mine anymore. I love that there are like minded individuals who want to learn & grow in some of the same ways and just needed that connective link. ODJT is that link."

-2 time tourist 

-3 time tourist 

Hike. Journal. Meditate.


 Our classic "tours" are quarterly intensives that pair a custom curriculum of journaling and meditation from our guided journal,  The Journal of Mindful Movement with a 2-5 mile guided hike. Groups are generally restricted to 10-15 people, unless a special event. Many of these events are sponsored by our partner REI, where they provide snacks, swags and other giveaways. 


Half day destination hikes that provide an opportunity for fun, and fellowship on the land. These events can be customized for your personal group of friends, family or co-workers. Email us for more information. 


The Outdoor Journal Tour is aware of how many lovely out of town fans that we have, and as such, we have developed a special virtual portal and classroom for you. These tours are a great way to reconnect with yourself on your own time...in your own space. 


Virtual Courses offer:


Daily Writing Prompts & Exercises

Thought provoking downloadables

Videos, and suggested readings

Weekly writing intensives

Tools and resources to strengthen your practice

and guided meditation videos!











One on one tours that allow participants to spend 60-or 90 minutes with Chief Experience officer, Kenya Jackson-Saulters.

Trust walks will be accompanied with a week of signature supports and a follow up coaching session. 


Got a group of girl friends who you want to reconnect with? Have some couple friends you want to bond with? Let us know and we can build a custom tour specifically for you and a group of your choosing! Fill out the custom tour survey below! 

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