Welcome to #wehiketoheal 2021

The Mission of #wehiketoheal is to encourage women all over the world to tap into the healing and empowering influences within ourselves, our communities and the Great Outdoors.

The Movement

#wehiketoheal is a month-long campaign hosted by the Outdoor Journal Tour. Each week throughout the month registrants receive mindfulness tools and resources via email on the pillars of mindful movement; Mind, Relationships, Body, and Community. Various workshops/classes are scheduled each week on the corresponding topics. Finally, on the last Saturday of the month, also known as “We Hike to Heal Day”, the campaign concludes with group hikes all over the world lead by our community partners. Unfortunately, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, all 62 group hikes were canceled, and a virtual event was hosted for all participants instead, in an effort to keep everyone safe. We will continue to forgo in-person events for the time being and hope to resume group hikes next year.


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How it Works

This year, our focus will be on harnessing and empowering our community near and far, even virtually, especially in this current climate. We will encourage participants to log their “Mindful Minutes” similar to a virtual race.

What are Mindful Minutes you ask?

Mindful Minutes are comprised on “Mindful Miles” and “Mindful Moments”…

Mindful Miles can be anything in which you mindfully go a physical distance from one point to another, such as, hiking, biking, running, skiing, walking, swimming, climbing, etc – keep track of the time that you are practicing your mindful activity so you can log it later.

Mindful Moments can be anything in which you intentionally practice mindfulness, such as, meditation, journaling, yoga, dance, gardening, sewing, taking a bath, hammocking, relaxing, etc., again, keep track of how long you practice your mindful activity so that you can log your time on the tracker.

We plan to use this challenge as a time to encourage diverse modes of mindfulness and activity. For example, our tracker will include various methods of movement: (walking, hiking, yoga, running, HITT, swimming, biking, etc.) the tracker will also offer different types of mindfulness activities (journaling, meditation, reading, gardening, etc).

We want to encourage participants to get active and get centered however they can, and wherever they can.

In addition to the Mindful Race, registrants will receive weekly mindfulness and movement challenges along with supplemental journaling prompts, mindful meditations, and weekly workshops/classes on the corresponding topic. Each week the challenges will encourage participants to bring more mindfulness to topics related to the pillars of mindful movement.


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Each Monday, starting on May 3rd, registrants will receive weekly mindfulness and movement challenges along with supplemental journaling prompts, mindful meditations, and other wellness challenges via email. We will also host weekly virtual events with some of our favorite teachers, instructors and badass women! The mindful race will take place simultaneously throughout the month, don’t forget to log your Mindful Minutes daily, because at the end of the month we’ll have a big giveaway!


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