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The Outdoor Journal Tour, lovingly dubbed ODJT, is a community built for women to facilitate personal growth and alignment. We use a beautiful combination of physical activity, guided journaling and meditation to help women create this balance.


Women are SO amazing! And as natural nurturers, women have an innate desire to take care of everyone and everything around them. Indeed, the life giving and life-sustaining traits of women are a part of what makes women and feminine energy so vital to the human experience.


However, being amazing is no easy task and because of that, women often tend to neglect themselves. That neglect can breed emotional disconnection and fuel unhealthy habits that eventually cause stress and disappointment.  But wait ladies, there’s hope. No need to hang up your cape just yet. You can still be superwoman, but first you need to carve out time, reserve energy, and cultivate space for personal development.  One way to do that is through exercise, journaling and meditation. Well, that’s three ways, but you get our point. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that physical exercise, journaling and meditation increase serotonin levels (also known as the happy hormone). Serotonin also improves emotional balance, evokes overall peace and creates feelings of gratitude.


For these reasons, ODJT created a community that spotlights these three tools specifically.


 We make self-care fun and interactive. We talk about real issues, with real women.


And, ultimately, we help women like you...unleash the best version of themselves!


Are you ready to be your best self?

Finding connection with nature, Source, ourselves and other likeminded women...

A sacred space for women to focus on bringing out their best selves...

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