THE VERSUS SERIES: Fault vs. Responsibility

True story: I almost fainted during a recent hike--multiple times. Here's why. For 18 months, I have been taking prescription medication that was supposed to help me with some anxiety issues that I've had for years. I found out about a month ago that this same medication was responsible for the 20 lb. weight gain, extended moon cycles, and chronic fatigue I had been experiencing. It was damaging my thyroid gland every time I took it. When I first found out, I was mad. But even more than that I was hurt, I wondered how a medicine that was supposed to help me, had ultimately led me to feel...worse. But after I got mad, I started thinking. It really wasn't up to a pharmaceutical company to help

THE VERUS SERIES: Entrepreneurs vs. |Experts

At first glance, this probably feels like a bit of an oxymoron. Aren’t all entrepreneurs experts? Well the answer is no—not at all. By definition, entrepreneur means: a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses. While expert means: a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area. To be fair quite a few entrepreneurs are experts (at least the ones I know). However, there are definitely a whole lot that are not, and I’ll tell you why. These days the barrier to entry for starting a business is relatively low. Anyone with a few dollars and a clever idea for a domain name, can get some business cards printed and start sliding into

THE VERSUS SERIES: Private Resources vs. Public Endorsements

Double tap if you started your business either because you are passionate about the industry, or because you were naturally good at what you do? I can’t see you, but my heart tells me that most of you can relate to one or both of these scenarios. You know how, I know? Because not only is entrepreneurship too hard for anyone who doesn’t love their industry, but also because most of us have been doing what we do--- long before we knew or even thought about being an entrepreneur. Think about it, how many of my fashionista followers have been styling everything from their dolls to the families for years? Or how many of my fitness followers have long been the leader of your squad’s health goals f

The VERSUS SERIES: Friends Vs. Clients

The hardest lesson—(no literally the hardest lesson), I ever had to learn over the past 3 years is that my friends are not necessarily my clients. When I started out, I was like a lot of new entrepreneurs, I wanted (expected) my friends to come to all of my stuff and when they didn’t I was surprised (pissed). It hurt, because I felt like they didn’t take my business serious. After 3 years, however, I understand how unfair I was being to them and myself. First, businesses can only be successful if they have the ability evolve, and that’s difficult to do when you are always comfortable. And for most of us, our friends represent the ultimate comfort. They are proud of us simply because we did s

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